Esthetics Program – 750 hours





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• Theory Training: Required To Attend 250 Hours Of Theory Training And Are Not Allowed To Miss More Than 1 Days Of Training In Any Given Month.

• Practical Training: 500 Hours - The Practical Training Portion Of This Academic Program Is Extremely Indepth In The Esthetics Field. In Addition To The Twenty-One Chapters As Required By The State Of Illinois, You Will Learn The Advanced Spa Techniques Required Of The Esthetician. The Advanced Portion Of This Course Is Not Taught At Any Other School In The Chicago Area.


The NIC Esthetician practical examination covers the professional tasks a licensed Esthetician can be expected to perform in his or her profession. 

Candidates must use a live model for the examination. 

The scope of the practical examination used in your state will include the 7 core domain areas. The core domains are the basic content areas as required based on the job analysis. The core domains are as follows: 

Core Domain Areas

Client Protection
Cleansing the Face
Steaming the Face
Massaging the Face
Application of the Mask
Hair Removal of the Eyebrows
Facial Makeup

• Clients: Students Are Required To Bring 60 Clients For Esthetics Procedures.

• Students: Students Will Arrive At School Prepared To Learn. Dress As A Professional As You Are Learning To Be, Wear An Esthetician Jacket, Clean Clothes And Comfortable Foot Wear – No Heels, Excessive Jewelry, Or Long Nails.

  1. Your professional image
  2. A history of skin care and the use of cosmetics
  3. Bacteriology
  4. Sterilization disinfectant
  5. Cells, anatomy and physiology
  6. Physiology and histology of the skin
  7. Disorders of the skin, dermatology and special esthetics procedures
  8. Chemistry for esthetics
  9. Ingredient and product analysis
  10. Nutrition and the health of the skin
  11. Client preparation and draping
  12. Cleansing the skin
  13. Techniques for professional massage
  14. Mask therapy in facial treatments
  15. Facial treatments without the aid of machines
  16. Electricity, machines and apparatus for professional skin care
  17. Facial treatment with the aid of machines
  18. Removing unwanted hair
  19. Enemies of the skin, aging factors and cosmetics
  20. Male skin and grooming
  21. Esthetics and aromatherapy
  22. Advanced topics in esthetics
  23. Esthetics working with physicians
  24. Color theory
  25. Professional makeup techniques
  26. The salon business
  27. Selling products and service

practicing students

practicing student

practicing students


practicing students

practicing students

practicing students

practicing students

practicing students

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